Rye Yacht Club Milton Harbor Rye, New York

Rye Yacht Club exists to enhance the skills and enjoyment of sailors, powerboaters and oarsmen.

Rye Yacht Club is open to new members and members of other local yacht clubs where reciprocal privileges are offered. RYC is a social organization whose mission is to share the love of boating. Membership is free. 200+ members and growing!
JAWS II is a 50' Viking Princess JAWS II is a 50' Viking Princess.

Our message board serves to assist local sailors, powerboaters and oarsman:


Mamaroneck Boats & Motors

dockage and repairs




Castaways Yacht Club (in New Rochelle)

new and used boat sales




Also visit NYCboatShow.com


Sample MESSAGE BOARD available to registered members:

Name Contact Info Boat (sail/power) LOA Day Sailing: Days/Times/Duration Trips Planned Crew Preferences
Captain M. capt@aol.com sail 28 Friday afternoons, Sunday mornings none 1 or 2 adults
Captain K K@gmail.com power -grady white 22 Wednesdays 4 hrs fishing NYC - July adults & kids
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